After very little thought, I have decided I must workout even harder. Even if it’s just so I can attempt my idea of a male version of Maya from Borderlands 2. Gender bender hooooooo!

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» So there was a guy that dropped into my game and dropped every head and skin for Krieg.

Nice fella, then he had seen where I posted on the forums needing a Legendary class mod for my commando and popped in again and dropped one of those. How magical.

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» I can’t help but feel the Borderlands 2 DLC is lacking so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the characters and humor. The DLC’s only offers 3 achievements each, each bring in “The Invincible” raid bosses, that (besides one that takes like 20-30+ minutes to farm) can only be killed once every 24 hours, defeating the raid aspect since the drops are pitiful making that once every 24 hours not even worth it.  So far I have yet to feel like any of the DLC’s are the size of General Knoxx was in the first one (which they stated all would be that big) Granted they have 2 DLC add-ons to prove themselves. They also said that in the Torgue DLC there would be more uses for Eridium, so far the only use I see for it is the fact it cost 8 Eridium to fight “The Invincible” boss. Granted I’m ok with the Torgue currency since normal enemies can drop them and you don’t have to beat the whole DLC to gain access to them like you had to for the seraph crystals in the first DLC. Also the enemies are just re-skined for the most part, example being there’s an enemy that’s a re-skinned engineer from the game, they have the same dialog and everything. Making it odd when you’re basically fighting someone who is essentially on the same level as a “Bandit” and they’re still calling you a bandit like their higher up the foodchain that you, like their Hyperion counterparts. Which blows since in the DLC for the first game we had new enemies (zombies, assasins trying to murder you, claptraps, etc). Don’t get me wrong I like how they handle story and humor, most weapons, customization etc. Just pointing out a few things I see wrong with how they’re handling the DLC and it seems kinda like they’re just rushing it instead of taking time and making it something truly glorious that can’t just be beaten in one sitting and doesn’t have a high replay value. Sorry if this makes anyone “butthurt”. /rant

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» My Captain Scarlet DLC isn’t downloading for some reason, my friends have it downloaded, I’ve been sitting at 0% for 15 minutes.
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» My Mechromancer shall be level 50 by the time the new DLC comes out.

I’ve got Axton at 50, Maya at 15, Salvador at 25, Zer0 at 30, and Gaige at 28.

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» All this Borderlands 2 DLC is like early birthday gifts, thank you Gearbox.
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